12級引擎 853(#1030 )
12級引擎 833(#1031)
12級引擎 (#1018)
21級引擎 T21E(#2115)
21級引擎 Leopard 21(#2116)
#2120 21級競技平跑引擎 822 3.49cc
      Yien Bong Hardware Inc. was established in 1977 and immediately became known for precise and accurate metalwork. During this time, we were OEM partners of the HCG and SANYANG MOTOR companies. In 1986, we started to utilize computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided machining (CAM) technology to improve productivity and overall product quality.
      From the turn of 90's, we started to produce high-quality R/C parts for other companies and transferred the efforts of our R&D department to the R/C industry. This laid the foundation for the birth the STS brand of R/C race cars, engines and parts. After many years of experience in R/C car and nitro engine design, we are still constantly improving.
      Before we market any of our products, all STS Racing equipment is thoroughly tested at the racetrack by the Team STS drivers. Team STS has won numerous local and national races in Taiwan, which indicates the high-level of STS product performance, reliability, quality and excellence.
      STS provides racers with economical and affordable product which comes with overall excellent performance. Owning STS products will let you experience the finest quality R/C equipment and let you be competitive in racing at any level without the high cost!

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